Mobile DJ 2.0 …

Mix & Entertain mit Audio, Video, Visualisierungen, Slide-Shows & Live-Kamera.

Additional Playlist mode with database backed FileArchive including 

quicksearch and iTunes mixing. Check out the freely customizable user interface.

Prepare your tracks using the unique 4-player mode. High precision colored waveform 16 channel jingle machine for video and audio samples. Over 80 native supported MIDI controllers (Pioneer, Denon, Numark, Reloop, and more).

Video and entertainment features: video and karaoke mixing,

 live visualization, live text in HD quality, slideshow functionality, live camera.

Mix & Entertain

UltraMixer ist the perfect DJ software – for mobile DJs, as party jukebox, for dancing schools and restaurants.

Powered by great DJ hardware.

UltraMixer supports more than 80 MIDI-DJ-Controllers

Mobile DJ Blog

News all about UltraMixer and Mobile DJing

Why DJs love UltraMixer:

The people at the “Oktoberfest” completely freak out when I turn on my UltraMixer!

Previously, I worked with BPM-Studio and after that I found UltraMixer on the internet. I never regret it. I can recomment UltraMixer 100%.

The Dance Sport Association BOLERO exists for 30 years, offers dance courses for all levels and relies daily on UltraMixer.

It’s fun to work with UltraMixer and the features are awesome for any dancing school. I love the possibility to switch from BPM to TPM.

Every month we coach over 50 dance students and we rely daily on our UltraMixer Professional.

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