Connect your GoPro to UltraMixer DJ software

With the UltraMixer webcam feature you can start a Livestream directly from the dance floor. You have the possibility to connect any webcam with UltraMixer and output the displayed image on a beamer or flatscreen

Today we would like to show you how to connect your GoPro camera with UltraMixer. Particularly mobile DJs benefit from the many advantages of a GoPro camera. You have a lot of image stabilizers, a rock solid case and especially in low light rooms you will get a much better picture.

To connect your Gopro to UltraMixer you need a special driver. Make sure that your operating system detects the Gopro camera as a webcam.

On the following page you will learn how to set up your GoPro as a webcam on a Windows computer.

For all you Mac users you will need additional hardware. You can see how that works in this youtube clip.
A detailed reading guide can be found here.

Happy Entertaining Guys!