What do the red exclamation marks mean in the UltraMixer Library?

Some of you have already noticed, the red exclamation points behind the titles in the UltraMixer file archive. If your tracks market with these  mean that the path to the title could not be found.

If your tracks are marked with exclamation points alike this UltraMixer is not able to find the path to the title.

Note:  UltraMixer does not save your music titles. The software only saves the path to the title.


c: /user/music/charts/shaun.baker.mp3

If these titles or folders are moved, renamed or deleted, UltraMixer can no longer find this path and mark the corresponding title with a red exclamation point.


c: /user/music new/charts/shaun.baker.mp3

Also make sure the drive letters remain the same.
You can customize drive letters and paths in the archive menu.

The function “Synchronize FileArchive” or “Synchronize groups” removes the corresponding tracks from the file archive. Newly added music titles will be inserted at the same time.

Happy Entertaining!