UltraMixer 6 Release

From DJ Software to Entertainment machine.

Wedding DJs and mobile entertainers worldwide know and love UltraMixer. For over 10 years now UltraMixer is developing DJ software for the pro domain. The DJ and entertainment software is more flexible and easy to use than any other on the market.

No matter if moderation, visual entertainment, karaoke or live stream via webcam feed, UltraMixer provides you with a multitude of useful tools. Version 6 will be the most extensive version yet on your laptop. You are party/wedding DJ, mobile entertainer, moderator or dance instructor? Than UltraMixer is the Software that completes your performance. Many features will support you in the different areas.
Djs will be happy about the brand-new 4-Deck-Mode. It allows you to prepare 4 tracks at a time and to play them back beat synced. Use the additional 2 decks for remixing your music or as a continuous loop on a certain beat.
Distribute your music across multiple rooms, or control your UltraMixer with the remote app via your smartphone. Mobile Djs and entertainer can play back personalized polished visualizations precisely timed via the brand-new video sampler. Be it „happy birthday“ or mini game or wedding atmosphere, choose your visualization and display it on your projection screen matching the occasion.
Moderators get information about the artists directly via the in-buid moderation support. All features combined distinguish UltraMixer 6 from conventional DJ software because it does not only support you during mixing but throughout the entirety of the entertainment process.
Further information on the new features can be found here.

The new 4 player mode

The most striking innovation in UltraMixer 6 is the new 4 Player mode. You now have the opportunity to prepare 4 titles.

There are 4 new views available.

Default with all 4 decks or only left and right deck, default, with small players and all 4 decks at the same time.

When a song has been loaded onto a deck, track information such as Artist, Title, Time (Remain and Elapsed), Total, Cover, BPM, Key, and Gain are displayed in this area. The track is analyzed and the song position (current position in the song) is displayed.

All 4-channel, most 4-channel MIDI controllers are fully supported in UltraMixer 6.

Functions in 4 player mode

  • 4 playlist view

    Each player receives its own playlist. The playlists appear below the player and can be filled with titles.

  • Small player

    The players are shown at the top in a smaller preview and can be selected individually on each site. By selecting the player will be placed on the corresponding main view.

    Player one and three will be shown on the left and player two and four on the right site of the main view.

  • Big Player - Archive Mode

    All 4 players are shown simultaneously. They can be equipped with music via a central playlist. The button to the left site of the player will show you the corresponding