UltraMixer sampler for carnival DJs

The UltraMixer 16-slot sampler supports your moderation and helps you with the transition between two songs. You can play short samples or entire
songs in predefined order. You can find the Sampler in the widget area of UltraMixer. Click on the Widget Menu and choose Sampler to activate the Sampler mode.

In this mode you can plan up to 16 songs and start playing them with the push of a button. Use your sample pads on a MIDI controller or your keyboard. Every sample button comes with a number of playback options such as “Direct Play” or “Loop”. You can configure the button with a right click on it. We will explain all the available options  below.

You can also use the sampler to play predefined sample sounds during transitions or in your current song playing.

The sampler

can be configured in many places. You have the possibility to record whole 16 slots with samples or complete songs and play them directly. Furthermore you can set the speed and volume for all 16 Slots. The individual samples can be previewed via the headphone icon in the right corner. The volume of the samples is adjusted by a slider in the middle of the widget.

Functions in sampler mode

By right-clicking on one of the buttons, a configuration menu appears. You can make different settings for each slot. Furthermore, in the settings, the slot volume for each sample can be set.

  • Loop

    Sample is played in an endless loop

  • DirectPlay

    Affects the configuration of the Sampler buttons. If DirectPlay is selected, the sample is only played as long as the mouse button is pressed.

  • Fade out at Stop

    If this option is selected, a sample won‘t terminate at once when stopped, but is faded out gently.

  • PlayOver

    to a predefined level. Therefore, it is possible to specify a certain volume level in the Sampler Settings.

  • Replay

    The song is played directly when the button is pressed. If you press the button again, the song will be played back from the beginning.