You are using iTunes to manage your Playlists and Titles? Then just import your files on your Mac into UltraMixer.

In the first Step, check your iTunes Preferences. In the Advanced Settings, you will have to set the checkmark to „Share iTunes Library XML with other applications“. UltraMixer will then have access to your iTunes Playlists.

Back in UltraMixer you can click the + icon in the FileArchive, Playlists, Wishlist, or Waitlist and add iTunes Files or Playlists. After you chose the files you need and want, UltraMixer will import the titles automatically. Yes, it is that easy.

Last but not least we recommend you select all the newly added titles in your playlist and,  bclicking with the righbutton of the mouse and selecting both adjustments in the „Analyse“ field, analyze the titles and normalize the volume.

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