You might have come across this story: you are working as a Wedding DJ, and the groom would like to surprise his loved one with a live performance. The time has come, the groom prepares – and reveals his secret about forgetting the lyrics to you. What next?

Of course, you just stay calm, activate the UltraMixer Pro Entertain Karaoke Mode – and save the day 😉

If you did not use the feature already, we will show you how to set it up:

Step 1: Make sure that your file archive contains karaoke titles (e.g. in MP4 format) to display the lyrics.

Step 2: Switch to the Waiting list view and activate the video mode in your preferences.

Step 3: Open the “Waiting List” widget and click on the “Karaoke” button below on the right. A new column “Singer” will be added to the waiting list, in which you can enter the performancers name for each song.

Step 4: Open the widget “Video Mix” on a second screen or projector. Make sure that your archive karaoke titles (e.g. in MP4 format) in the file File to display the lyrics.

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