You need to reinstall UltraMixer and have lost your license key?
No worries! Just get yourself a new one in a few minutes.

If you bought UltraMixer in a DVD box or serial, you can register again. Instructions are provided on the layer in your UltraMixer DVD box.

If you purchased the UltraMixer version as a download, you can have your license key sent to you here again:

Please have your order number ready and request a login if you don’t have a password already.

In the next step, download the latest UltraMixer from our homepage. After you’ve installed UltraMixer, the software automatically launches as an “UltraMixer demo”. You will have to choose the Version you purchased in the following dialog.

Once you have made your decision, another screen will appear that gives you the opportunity to unlock UltraMixer with the new license key.

To activate UltraMixer click on the button “Activate

A new screen appears which allows you to deposit the license file (.umkey) and enter your order number.

Finally, click on “Activate …” once more and start your Software!

Happy Mixing and have fun,
your UltraMixer Team

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