How to activate an UltraMixer license?

Activate UltraMixer Pro Entertain, Basic or Home

To unlock a purchased version please follow these steps. After purchasing UltraMixer, you will automatically receive an email from our license reseller ShareIt:

Please save the license key file (.um6key) contained in the email attachment to any location on your hard drive.

Start UltraMixer and the activation dialog will pop up

Download the latest UltraMixer from our homepage. After you’ve downloaded and installed UltraMixer, the software automatically launches as an “UltraMixer demo”. The following dialog appears:

Now you have the possibility to start one of the offered demo versions. There are 3 different versions (UltraMixer Pro Entertain, UltraMixer Basic, UltraMixer Home) with different features to choose from. You can compare the UltraMixer versions with each other on the following page.


Once you have decided on a version, another screen will appear that gives you the opportunity to test UltraMixer as a demo (trial), purchase UltraMixer or unlock it with an already received license key (uky file).

To activate UltraMixer click on the button “Activate…

A new screen appears which allows you to deposit the license file (.umkey) and to enter your order number.

First, click in the “License Key” field and select your license key file on your hard drive.

Now enter your order number in the second input field. The order number can be found in the confirmation mail from share it (after purchasing UltraMixer Home, Basic or Pro Entertain).

Finally, click on “Activate …” to activate the license.

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