NEU: DJ Mix Software Update UltraMixer 6.2.0 Summer Release

The current UltraMixer version is now available in our download section. In our summer update you will get brand new Video Transitions for your music clips.You now have the option to choose one of 7 different video effects to enhance the transition between two clips. There are also important performance updates and bug fixes.

All changes in UltraMixer 6.2.0

[new] yellow exclamation point for read-only tracks

[new]  UltraMixer Video Transitions

[fixed] preview player shows only a white window

[fixed] Video settings: the kaleidoscope and beat effect has been removed

[fixed] incorrect scaling in full screen mode

[fixed] output screens do not match

[MIDI]  DenonDJ MC 6000 Mapping Update

[MIDI] no longer supported MIDI mappings have been removed