UltraMixer 5.2.0 is now available in our download section.

MAC users will enjoy the long awaited high Sierra support.

After massive changes in the graphics engine under high Sierra (OpenGL to Metal2) we had to make some adjustments to the “Video Mix Widget”.

In the current version we have also fixed the special charakter problem under windows.

MIDI controller users get 3 new and updated mappings.  You will also find 2 new visualizations in UltraMixer 5.2.0. You can download the current version directly on our homepage.

All changes in UltraMixer 5.2.0

  • [FileArchive] Playlists with special characters saved with UltraMixer can no longer be read under Windows – fixed.
  • [General GUI] GUI works very delayed and does not display the contents of listboxes. – fixed.
  • [Video] New Visualizations “Stars” and “Black Hole”
  • [MIDI] Adapted MIDI mapping for the Reloop Mixtour
  • [MIDI] Support for the Zomo MC1000
  • [MIDI] Support for the Denon MCX 8000

Do you have any questions or requests for changes? Please post them to our forum or mail us via contact form.

We look forward receiving your feedback!

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