How to connect a Bluetooth speaker with UltraMixer?

Using Bluetooth Speakers with UltraMixer

Today I’ll explain to you how to connect a Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headset to your PC and then set the audio out in UltraMixer. For this explanation I’ll use my own speaker, the Bose SoundLink Mini II, but no worries you can adapt this to all other Bluetooth devices.

Connecting Bose SoundLink Mini II to Your Computer

First, your Soundlink Mini II needs to be connected to your computer. In order to find the device in a newly connected PC, you must be in pairing mode. In my case this is accomplished by pressing the Bluetooth sign on the box. For your device this might work differently so you should check the manual.
Once done, we will proceed to the other half, the settings on the laptop / PC.


If your device is not in pairing mode, it will probably not be found in the following steps on the PC